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Card Reader

For a smart and secure business

Protection of private property and businesses is much more than the installation of quality locks and security guards. Private and commercial facilities that do not have a proper security infrastructure are vulnerable. Ask us about our top of the line access control products.

Digital Keypads

Keypads provide access control for virtually any application where digital code entry is desired and they are available for stand-alone applications or as part of a larger integrated system.

Let the good guys in, keep the bad guys out, and track it all.


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Card Readers

Card readers use different technologies to perform a variety of functions. Card readers can be used to perform tasks such as granting access to doors, locking server cabinets and more, making them an ideal component in many access control environments.

Advanced Systems

When connected together, access control components and systems increase security, eliminate the need for replacement of lost keys, lock and unlock hundreds of doors, provide information to and from a centralized computer network, and generate usage reports by person’s name, door location, or most any other desired matrix.




Control who goes where and when.

Whether you need a complex access control system, or a simple stand-alone device, we have the products to meet your needs. We provide a complete line of access devices including card readers, keypads, electronic and magnetic locks to meet your specific requirements. Get the best access control available from PINNACLE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS Inc.  

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Biometric readers scan features which are unique to your body. While these advanced systems are more expensive than other options, they are growing in acceptance and reliability. Some read fingerprints, while others use hand geometry, iris, facial, or other unique identifiable traits.

(What you know)

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(What you are)

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