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Alarm systems are evolving with advances in technology almost daily. Some changes increase reliability, increase threat detection, increase ease of use, decrease false alarms, and at times can even decrease costs. Other so called advances, however, have the opposite effect. If you are interested in a high quality alarm instead of a gimmick, or the cheapest thing out there, we can probably help you.


Choosing the right security equipment for your needs can be a bit overwhelming. The Cheap-Alarms-R-Us guys won’t tell you how easy it is to defeat their systems, or how few actual detecting devices or zones that their standard systems include. Although we may not be the cheapest, it's still true, you get what you pay for. At PINNACLE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, you can count on the customized security solutions you need to protect your facilities, personnel, and customers.

We take security and fire alarms seriously.


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Detecting threats to your safety.


A properly designed and installed commercial fire alarm system will incorporate detection devices (smoke, heat detectors, sprinklers) and notification appliances (strobes, horns, speakers) in every room of a facility. Additionally, pull stations will be at every exit door. Less complex “building protection only” systems can be used in facilities not required to have commercial fire by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Let us help you sort out these and other very important requirements.

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