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Whether you are investing in your first video security cameras, looking to upgrade your old surveillance system, or ready to install the latest technology, PINNACLE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS Inc. has it all.

Traditional Cameras

Analog cameras are easy to install, very cost effective, and are a dependable security solution. Analog cameras are used in a number of places such as gas stations, hotels, shopping malls, homes and banks, etc.

We provide a full range of security cameras and installation including analog,

HD, and IP.


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HD Over Coax

Distributing video images on coaxial cable has been and continues to be the preferred method used by motion picture and television engineers as well as cable TV and satellite TV providers. HD over coaxial cable can deliver a clearer picture free of jitter or latency (delays) at full 1080p resolution and full frame rates. If you are upgrading an existing analog system it often allows the use of existing cable, substantially reducing labor and cable costs.

IP Cameras

Starting out with resolutions less than full analog, and going up to 20 Mega-Pixels or more, IP solutions offer many choices in frame rates, image qualities, and record times. IP or Internet-Protocol systems are more computer dependent and require connections to high speed computer switches and hardware for their operations. These systems allow easier direct remote access to a camera for viewing or for maintenance purposes such as adjusting lighting settings or record rates.

Recording and monitoring systems

Some recording and transmission systems have recently become available that combine two or more of the above camera formats. This allows you to combine higher quality cameras in more important or larger coverage areas with more cost effective units at less critical locations.


Closed circuit systems provide the highest level of security, but most systems can be configured to be as easy to access as using that cellphone in your pocket, if desired.



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Choose from the latest top quality products in HDCCTV, Analog, and IP.